‘McNulty’ at ISCM New Zealand

Joe Cutler McNultyJoe Cutler

Joe Cutler’s McNulty will represent the ISCM British Section at World Music Days in New Zealand in April 2020

McNulty, for piano trio, was written in the summer of 2016, commissioned by my dear friends, the Fidelio Trio, supported by a grant from the Britten-Pears Foundation. I’ve known the members of the Fidelio Trio for nearly twenty years and we’ve travelled widely together, often in Ireland (where two of the trio, Darragh and Mary hail from).

In McNulty, I attempt to place the intricate ornamentation of Irish traditional music outside its normal environment, allowing it to become fused with repetitive riffs and figurations, or placed alongside spectral-inspired harmonic-based textures. Through isolating one feature of traditional music, and placing it within an alternate context, ornamentation becomes the “thing” the piece is about, at odds with its normal ‘supporting’ role.

Joe Cutler