For many of the works there are online scores (pdf documents) and audio file extracts available

Awakenings199712 mins
3333, 4331. timp, 4perc, pf/cel, harp, strings
Cinnamon Street200610 mins
2222, 2200. timp,strings
Com: Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Swedish Chamber Orchestra
Dubious Concoctions of Dr. Tillystrom,The19996 mins
2222, 2200. timp,strings
Gonzalez200713 mins
Solo Flute/SoloViolin, strings
Com: Orchestra of the Swan
Music for Cello and Strings200524 mins
vc, strings
Com: London Strings and Robin Michael
Piano Concerto200017 mins
$pf, 3333, 3432.2sax, timps, 5perc, harp, strings:
Com: Birmingham Conservatoire Millennium Award
Ulf20065 mins
3333, 4331. timp,2perc, harp, strings:
Com: UBS for the London Symphony Orchestra
Music for Sunflowers200915 mins
Viola and String Orchestra
Commissioned by Orchestra of the Swan