For many of the works there are online scores (pdf documents) and audio file extracts available

Bad Machine200113 mins
2fl, 2asax/ssax,bcl, tpt, hn, 2trb, tuba, egui, bgui, perc, pf
Com: De Ereprijs
Epitaph For Nebula198910 mins
fl, ob, cl, bn, hn,tpt, trb, perc, vn, va, vc, db [1111, 1110.1111]
Firedance199010 mins
4tpt, 4trb, hn,tuba, perc, kbds
Jack the Diamond's Jamming Station200317 mins
3030. 1330. ssax,asax, tsax, bsax, egui, bgui, perc, 3pf, evn, evc, db
for large amplified ensemble Com: BBC for Orkest de Volharding and Icebreaker
Macedonia200517 mins
$vn, flexible ensemble
Com: Darragh Morgan and COMA London
Sal's Sax (Original version)199513 mins
fl, pic, 3sax, 3pf,perc, egui, bgui, evn, vc
Sal's Sax (De Ereprijs version)199613 mins
amplified ensemble:2pic/fl, 3asax/, hn, tpt, 2trb, tuba, egui, bgui, perc, pf
Without Fear of Vertigo20018 mins
fl, cl, tpt, perc,pf, vn, va, vc, db
Chorale for Wim Megans20084 mins
fl, pic, 3sax, 3pf,perc, egui, bgui, evn, vc
September Music200910 mins
2 fl (picc), sop sax (bari), alto sax (sop), cl (bass cl), hrn, tmp, 2 trom, tuba, elec guit, bass guit, perc, piano
Equal Measured Music201012'
Solo Electric Vln, 11 solo strings, soundtrack
Commissioned by the Scottish Ensemble with support of PRSforMusic Foundation
Pulpable Music20104'
Commissioned by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group
Boogie Nights 201211'
2 fl,Sop Sax,Alto Sax,Cl,hrn,trp,2 trb,tuba,perc, elec guitar,bass guitar,pf and barrel organ (or soundtrack)4
Extended Play20139'
rec,bcl,sax,vln,trb,electric bass,perc,electric guitar,pf
Commissioned by Decibel with support of Britten-Pears Foundation
Mission Statement20141'-3'
For Flexible Ensemble and Voices
Written for CoMA’s 21st Birthday