For many of the works there are online scores (pdf documents) and audio file extracts available

[passacaglia]20005 mins
egui, bgui, hammond org, radio
Com: rout
Archie20055 mins
vn, vc, hpd (pf)
Com: Semley Festival
Bartlebooth20049 mins
ssax or cl, vc, pf
Com: Ephyra
Blast!19927 mins
cl, vn, vc, pf
Cave d'oro19919 mins
cl, hn, pf, vn
Five Mobiles After Alexander Calder200011 mins
ssax or cl, va, pf
Com: De Suite MusicWeek, Amsterdam
Folk Music20075 mins
string quartet
Com: Smith Quartet
Jiggadybox20004 mins
Piano quintet: 2vn,va, vc, pf
Com: Schubert Ensemble (with funds from Mark & Annie Bayley)
Piano Quintet200210 mins
Piano quintet: vn,va, vc, db, pf
Com: Schubert Ensemble (with funds from SW Arts, Steele Charitable Trust and the Schubert Ensemble Trust).
Rainsong of Galata19916 mins
fl, vc, pf, perc
RetroKitty20017 mins
vn, pf, mar
Com: Ensemble Sakura
Screaming 229a19968 mins
Saxophone quartet:ssax, asax, tsax, bsax
Sikorski200516 mins
asax, vn, vc, perc,pf, tape
Com: HCMF for Noszferatu
Sikorski B20078 mins
asax, pf, perc
Com: Noszferatu
Skempton's Law20076 mins
vn, vla, vc
Com: Chroma
Three Quiet Pieces20047 mins
fl, vn, vc, pf
Tomek20059 mins
ob, 2vn, va, vc
Untitled IV19925 mins
bcl, pf, vc
Van pur20055 mins
ssax, cl, pf, perc,vn, db
Com: Sounds New,Canterbury
Verses and Choruses19989 mins
wind quintet: fl,ob, cl, bn, hn
Com: London Chamber Group
Visions Of A Floating World199113 mins
ob, cl, pf, vc, db
Piano Quartet2009
vn, va, vc, pf
Verses & Choruses19979'
Wind Quintet
commissioned by London Chamber Group
Country and Western Music20094 mins
4 Percussionists
Slippery Music201011'
Piano Quartet
Commissioned by the Schubert Ensemble
Additive Additives20105'-10'
For any number of instruments
Commissioned by the Wigmore Hall Trust
Grunge Variation20091'
Written for the Primrose Piano Quartet
String Quartet (and 4 table tennis players)
Commissioned by Coull Quartet with assistance of PRSforMusic Foundation for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.
For Frederic Lagnau20137'
ob,alto sax,cb,2 perc,pf
Commissioned by Workers Union Ensemble with support of PRS for Music Foundation
Flexible Music201311'
Alto saxophone, percussion and piano and improvising trio
Commissioned by Third Ear with support of Arts Council of England and RVW Trust
Chords on the Shore201413'
4 elec. guitars
Commissioned by Krock with funds from the Swedish Arts Council
From East and West and North and South20142'
4 Trumpets and 2 Perc
Commissioned by Music for Youth and Birmingham City University