For many of the works there are online scores (pdf documents) and audio file extracts available

Abnormal Loads199310 mins
tpt, perc
rev. version 1998 Com: Yorkshire and Humberside Arts for Mark Robinson and Brendon Renwick
Border Towns of Central Europe20048 mins
afl, bcl
Comfortable Music20079 mins
vln, pf
Com: Stratford upon Avon Music Festival
Give Us the Lolly20065 mins
toy pf, spinnet
Com: Isabel Ettenauer and Goska Isphording
Koroviev's Tricks200110 mins
perc, pf
Com: Evelyn Glennie
Urban Myths19998 mins
bcl, hpd or sax, pf
Variations199012 mins
ob, pf
Zzz20014 mins
Music for Parakeets20086 mins
Everyday Music20148'
Guitar duo
Commissioned by International Guitar Foundation for Vickers/Bovey Duo
Hussle and Stomp20114'
Commissioned by Stratford upon Avon for Contemporary Consort