For many of the works there are online scores (pdf documents) and audio file extracts available

Blue Rider20063 mins
sop (mezzo), vla
Com: Ed Bennett and Decibel
In Praise of Dreams200415 mins
sop, pf
Text: Szymborska Com: Sarah Leonard
My Childrens' Voice199010 mins
mez, string quartet: 2vn, va, vc, perc
Szymborska Settings200211 mins
sop, vn, cimbalom, pf
Com: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (with funds from ACE & Stephen Bell)Text: Wislawa Szymborska, trans S Baranczack and Clare Cavanagh.
Two Songs of Colour20077 mins
Sop & vc
Com: Sarah Leonard & Robin Michael
Akhmatova Fragments200815 mins
soprano and 11 solo strings
Commissioned by Goldberg Ensemble with assistance from Arts Council England and the Leche Trust
Bands20083 mins
Baritone or Tenor and Piano
For the NMC Songbook
Rough Guide to Poland6 mins
flexible voices
commissioned by CoMA Open Score